Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

things I've learned about LJ today + recs

1. Another Permanent Accounts' sale is coming up sometime in the future. Oh, joy. Oh, no. Or oh, whatever. Not sure yet.

2. Apparently, people with paid accounts can now friend up to 2000 people. That would be fun. I'd be up to skip200 on my flist every ten minutes, probably.

3. Rename tokens cost 15$. Which is much more than I expected. I'll stop coveting the jo_anna username now, even though it had been deleted and purged recently. I mean... 15$? For just a name change?

4. Friends' friends list is the most awesome thing ever. I go over it and wonder which one of you have some really freaky friends and communities... Yes, I could check on those journals and check Mutual Friends or whatnot, but this would take the fun out.

And now, onto the recs:


SG1: One Part of Daniel's Journey (spoilers through 10x20 -- Unending) by butterfly. This is the post I will be pointing everyone to since now, whenever someone talks about OOC in 'Unending'. This is a lovely, lovely in-depth analysis of Daniel, Daniel's journey and Daniel in 'Unending'. That's what I would like to say but don't have the words to say.

SGA: Rodney and Other Nerds On Screen by linaerys. Again, great meta about Rodney's portrayal on the show, and about other representatives of the Nerd caste. Awesomeness.

SPN: The Burden of Being Sammy by dodger_winslow. A slightly older meta, but not even a little less amazing. I don't think I could even begin to describe it, so if you're into SPN, just read it.


Not sure which category this falls into... BtVS: Ten Things That Never Happened in the BtVS Fandom by booster17. Some spells are stronger than you think - says the author's summary. The Fandom as it is after the Monks's spell... This is beyond crack, beyond meta, and beyond fantastic.


SPN: Desperately In Need Of A Hobby by apocalypsos. It's posted with an icon that says: Dean won NaNoWriMo by writing 50,000 words of hardcore lesbian threesome porn (and Sammy jerked off to it) - and that's all you need to know about this fic. Really. It's as good as that.


In My Dreams it's Always You by hackthis. hackthis is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors in Heroes' fandom, and this fic is an excellent example as of why. Nathan/Peter, and an excellent Nathan character study. Go, read.

Laugh? I Nearly Died by hackthis again. This one is Sylar/Mohinder, and it will blow your mind. It's hot and twisted and wonderfully fucked up and creepy and oh-so amazing.

Misanthropy for Dummies by fantasticpants. Claude/Bennet. The voices and characterisations are just perfect, and it's a wonderful view of two most interesting (for me, anyway) characters in the show. And it's funny and hurts and makes you laugh and why are you still reading this and not clicking on the links?

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