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Still in christmasy mood, I present


Xander Harris always liked mistletoe.

It offered him excuse to kiss girls, and there were times in his life when he really needed every excuse he could get.

Right now, the mistletoe hanging from Giles' living room celing was a big part of his master plan... a plan that was failing quite miserably.

He tried everything. Whining that he wanted tea only caused Willow to get up and do some for him.

Trying to point out a demon outside the window attracted only Buffy's attention, who dismissed it as a particlary weird snowman.

And the damned mistletoe hung there, green and annoying.

He kissed Buffy and Willow so many times now he stopped counting... and to think there were times when he would be so happy about this... Right now he just sat there, sipping his egg-nog and thinking nasty thoughts about stupid Watchers who couldn't get their ass form the chair and under the freakin' weed.

To sum up: one mistletoe weed hanging from the ceiling, one witch irritated by the number of times she had to kiss the Slayer, one Slayer pissed off by the number of kisses shared with the witch mentioned and a lack of any kissable guy, or vamp, or whatever... number of kisses shared with previously mentioned Watcher zero, zip, nada, none. Number of seriously depressed Xanders: one.

Number of... wait, what was Willow saying again?

"And I won't kiss Buffy anymore. No offence meant, Buff," she offered.

"None taken. I'm all for it. I mean, why do we have to put on the show for them?" she gestured both Giles and Xander. "We didn't get none."

The... what?

"Oh!" Willow squealed. "I think we should!"

Holey, moley, batman.

"What on earth do you mean, Willow?" Giles asked in a strangely quiet voice.

Instead of answering she jumped to her feet and reached for the mistletoe. Buffy observed her actions with amusement, Xander with growing fear and Giles... with an expression that was as Gilesy as ever. The witch quickly moved to stand behind the Watcher and hold the mistletoe over his head. Xander looked at it with wide eyes, deer-in-spotlight wannabe expression.

"What do you mean, Will?" he asked already knowing the answer.

"You two, kiss" she replied with alcohol-induced cheerfulness. "Wanna see."

Buffy nodded eagerly, reaching for peanuts bowl. "An on a lips, too. The rule" she reminded them happily.

"I don't see any way out of this, G-man" Xander offered nervously.

"Indeed" Giles leaned towards him. "And don't call me that" he whispered right before his mouth found Xander's, right before his tongue caressed the boy's bottom lip, like before his teeth nibbled on it...

Xander was lost in the sensation, and so he barely heard Buffy's 'eew' of support and Willow's wide smile. When the kiss grew hotter and more intense he couldn't hear anything at all but Giles' heartbeat, and so Willow's catcall and Buffy's amazed "don't they need air... or something?" was lost on him.

Number of mind-blowing, hot, amazing and fantastic kisses: one. So far. Two thumbs up. Two other things up, too.

Dedicated to soft_princess  for getting me into this pairing... and to phendog  who wanted Christmasy post-Chosen G/X on her wishlist... Happy Santa Clause day to you both and Merry Christmas :]

Tags: btvs, fanfiction

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