Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,


Sick, bored, procrastinating, yadda.

Things I've discovered making CSI:NY icons:

1. Mac gets the best cropping. Best camera angles, seriously. Not always with the best lightning, but definitely best for cropping.
2. It's apparently impossible for Lindsay to look bad on an icon. fact.
3. Danny makes weird movements. I never really noticed it on screen, but on caps... he looks kinda funny.
4. Where is Hawkes? he gets seriously very little screentime, and when he does, caps are pretty much useless (bad light, blurry, sth).
5. Stella has nice boobs. Yeah, kay, knew that before, but SERIOUSLY. Nice.
6. FLACK OMG. Next thing I'm doing, graphically-wise, is The Amazing Don Flack and His Thousand Faces. Eddie Cahill's expressions are sheer gold. GOLD, I'm telling ya.

So, CSI:NY icons from 3x18 and 3x19, and bonus 36 Fred and Wesley icons from the early s5 can be found here at _thepleiades.


sleep. now. kthxbye.
Tags: ats, csi:ny, icons, random insanity

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