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Ho, ho, ho....

So, as you can see I'm still inna happy christmasy mood... and I seem to develop an obsession with mistletoe. Oh, whatever, who cares.



It is a truth universally acknowledged, everything is better with chocolate.

Especially lonely Christmas when all you have to do is mope and whine about your loneliness.

Well, not exactly. It was just that Hank finally remembered he had daughters and asked Dawn to spend Christmas with him and his new secretary-slash-girlfriend and the girl reluctantly agreed, Willow was doing Meet-the-Parents thing with Kennedy and Xander got a really good job offer in Detroit. And there was the fun of yet another break-up with yet another guy she didn't really care about but still would preferred to be with than to be alone.

Chocolate ice-cream with chocolate chips and egg-nog, offered with a gently smile and a shoulder to cry on proved that she wasn't alone after all.

And she felt better. If maybe slightly guilty cuz she used the excuse of crying to hide her face in his shirt and embraced him because of her need to be comforted. She almost forgot how it is to be cared for and loved unconditionally, almost forgot how good it feels to be held like that, as if she was the most precious thing... that's why when he started to whisper soothing words of comfort she raised her head and silenced him with chocolatey kiss. She figured out there's nothing to loose, and there was egg-nog, loneliness and general Christmas depression to blame for her momentary insanity.

All excuses she could give him, however, went flying through the window when his lips parted invitingly. He tasted of tea and he was so warm... she could feel his heartbeat under her fingers, his pulse under her lips when she moved southward, kissing his neck, nibbling on his ear, marvelling in the low groan she got from him.

This Christmas was to be joyful after all.


for nastey 

Storm suggested it, Secret Santa thing.

It was a bit silly, to think of it, but allowed them to take their minds of the serious things and for once enjoy Christmas.

For weeks the Academy was full of mysteries and plotting, making plans and giggling students. They felt normal again, and happy with that.

Rogue drew Scott, and wasn't happy with that, she wanted someone else... at least the present was easy to think of, she had to talk to Jean and knew everything she needed.

Choosing present for her wasn't difficult either, she thought unwrapping the pair of long, soft gloves.

"So you can touch... anyone you want" she heard whispered into her ear.

"Anyone?" she caressed his cheek.

Wolverine nodded.


I wish it would be better, but I'm not very skilled in X-men fandom... it's my first try there :::sheepish::::


for cala_jane

She didn't get that mistletoe thing.

Bethany tried to explain it all to her, but Gan got bored after five seconds and annoyed after Beth produced a diagram. That girl seriously needed a life, pronto.

Hate tried to explain it, but she was, after all, even more romantically-challenged than Bethany was, and that meant something.

What did a plant have to do with kisses? And why the heck people couldn't just kiss each other when they wanted, and forget the damn weed which only caused problems when you had to kiss someone you didn't want to kiss?

Okay, so kissing Rupert was way funny, especially the part about annying the hell out of Beth - but it could get tiring pretty fast.

Kissing Michael was always nice, but she didn't need mistletoe for it.

Scott told her that it did give you an excuse to kiss people you wouldn't normally be allowed to kiss, but he always was weird. You wanted to kiss, you kissed, end of story. And if someone didn't like that, tough shit. They had a problem, you sticked the sharp end of a sword into them, easy. So, okay, the part when Scott kissed Beth and she almost zapped him with fireball was quite amusing, but how was it different from their usual foreplay?

And the expression on Timmy's face when Clorinda kissed him was priceless, she had to admitt, but...

Well, the point is, Morrigan didn't care for the mistletoe, and couldn't understand why the stupid humans did.

Well, okay, Michael's approach to it was nice, and... all that, especially when he hold it... yeah, and kissed her... uhm, okay. It was a nice tradition, after all.

But now she started to wonder what was on that diagram Beth tried to show her?


for anyone else who might be interested....

Willow sat on the floor, wrapping the gifts in green, shiny paper and red ribbon.

They weren't big, nor they were expensive. The gang didn't need that, gifts or grand gestures to know they cared about each other more than ever. Since the demise of Sunnydale they'd spent a lot of time rebuilding their relationships and came out stronger than ever...

That's why this Christmas was important and why though the gifts were to be only tokens they should be carefully chosen.

She wrapped a comic book for Xander. He'd lost so much in Sunnydale, more than any of them and no one could give it back to him... but there were things replecable and by giving him that issue, the one that meant as much in their history as the yellow crayon, she meant to say that she will try to give them to him. Or at least help him to deal with the losses.

For Buffy she bought a key-ring with little Xena figurine attached. It was an old joke, but one that didn't tire. And the ring was for the keys to the new apartment. Buffy was the last one to settle down after the Slayer-calling spell, she travelled around the world trying to catch up on what she'd missed before, but last week she bought an apartment in Cleveland, for herself and for Dawn, found a job she enjoyed and seemed genuinely happy. She had found her place.

With a sad wistful smile she carefully wrapped an extra-flamey candle and sent a silent prayer skywards. She knew Tara would approve, and hoped she was happy for her, for them...

The last gift was the easiest one to come up with and the hardest one to give. She caressed green leaves of mistletoe with her slender finger before she wrapped it carefully. She had a lot to venture, but the gain could be... well, everything. She tied the red ribbon around it and blushed, thinking about another gift that Rupert could be unwrapping tonight.


I hope you liked it.... *hugs flist*

More to come :]

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