Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Look ma, an award! (and a graphics search)

Songs of Experience got an award for Best of Rare Plot Devices/Pairings at the_jossverse.

As I am usually more likely to get an award for graphics, not fics, I am greatly excited. (And if it wasn't, like, 40 Celcius degrees here, I would be running around, squeeing. As it is about 40 degrees, I am just enthusiastically twirling my little finger, cuz everything else is way to exhausting.)

In other news, I am currently working steadily on my summer_of_giles stuff... have a related question/request.

Anyone in posession of HQ Ethan Rayne pics? VERY MUCH NEEDED.

Also, any pics that could be changed into slash manips muchly appreciated (am working on a set of wallpaper/banner/icon for every Giles' pairing I like, and since the concept of OTP is absolutely lost on me, that means at least eight different pairings, and I do have some het couple pics to manip around, but I really lack slashy pics)
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