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One thing: I'm not bored. I'm just trying not to learn phonetics....

for lostgirlslair :

I'm murdering the canon here... I know that Wesley came to Sunnydale after Christmas, but I don't care....


Buffy and her friends marched out of the library with a final "Merry Christmas" and radiant smiles.

Wesley didn't know why did they smile so widely. He never saw anything particulary merry or joyful in these holidays.

He was told it was a family thing, time to connect with people, time for love and for those you cared about... he never saw the point.

"I guess we're finished here."

He raised his head to look at Mr. Giles who was putting away his books and generally preparing to leave too.

"Ah, yes. I'll... I will just... finish this and will be going," he stuttered out, blushing slightly under ex-Watcher's searching gaze.

Giles nodded and reached for something hidden in the drawer, then handed it to him.

"What's this?" Wesley blinked at the sight of blue paper and white ribbon. The paper had a pattern of snowflakes...

"I believe they are called gifts," the green eyes twinked merrily and Wesley couldn't help but smile shyly. "You may not have heard of them, it's quite a novel idea," he said over his shoulder, heading for the doors.

Wesley looked intently at the package, his vision of snowflakes slightly blurry now.

"Merry Christmas," he heard and the doors closed.

Maybe it was merry, after all.

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