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Fic and Graphics and Gay Teletubbies oh my!

Today's squee:

1. Wrote a fic. Stranger things

2. Posted summer_of_giles Giles' graphics for my day here. (July 2nd will be my fic day for summer_of_giles)

3. Watched new Doctor Who.

This one totally takes the cake and all the helpings for being the most scary episode ever. Much more scary than the Empty Child when it comes to DW, and probably as scary as SPN's Bloody Mary. I couldn't pass a mirror for months after that one, and I live in a city with a shitload of statues, ya know?

Also, loved loved loved Sally. The 'normal people' episodes of the shows often leave me 'meh' because they fail to make me care about them (notable exceptions: The Other Guys on SG-1, and Lab Rats on CSI - but that's because the guys there didn't just appear from nowhere, they were a part of the show for a while, it's just that the audience's pov shifted). I didn't love Love and Monsters all that much, apart from some affection towards poor Ursula. But Sally Sparrow is absolutely utterly brilliant and unbelievably cute. Someone write me Sally!fic now.

"big ball of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey... stuff" is my new explanation for everything.
Imagine this:
Noelia's Management Exam She's Supposed to Take This Week.
Prof: So, could you tell what an organisation is?
Noelia: Well... from a non-linear, non-subjective view point it is a big ball of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey... stuff.
Prof: ...
Noelia: Yeah. That pen of yours. It should be more sonic.

And the Number One Reason For Noelia To Love The Episode Is...

I do love stories that break the fourth wall. And this one was so wonderfully done, with the watching references, and the dvd extra that only makes sense when the right person watches, and the angels only moving when someone observe them, and so we never see them move, because *we* are watching them, and the internet folks, and the time travel stuff and BttF reference with the letter, and "Sally Shipton" and Kathy naming her daughter Sally and YES.

And no, I am not great with following the names of the writers/directors/people apart from the actors, but the internets is telling me Steven Moffat did also the Empty Child/the Doctor Dances and the Girl in the Fireplace and YES it shows. Brilliancy with the old-fashioned horror and time-bending stories and how much I love this guy now? Infinity much.

4. My Mom is made of awesome. Seriously, I might have not known this before, because as every teenager ever I thought my Mom was lame and embarassing as parents ought to be, but recently I am rethinking the entire thing.


Mr A. is outside, minding the dog. His cellphone rings and he gets distracted. Dog uses the distraction to hightail it back to the house where it's less than 40 C degree. Mom is playing with the dog when Mr A. rushes in.
Mr A.: Has anybody seen the dog?
Mom: No.
Mr A.: Because he's not outside!
Mom: You lost my dog?
Mr A.: OH GOD! *rushes outside, calling for the dog*
Noelia: But the dog is here.
Mom: Shh. It's so fun when he panics.

Big kerfuffle in Polish media about gay rights and our homophobic president and the idea that gay teachers shouldn't be allowed to work with children because they can 'promote homosexual agenda'.
Same day, coincidentally, Noelia puts up posters of Sam and Dean from SPN.
Mom: But you know, you shouldn't have posters with two men on them!
Noelia: Whatever. And by the way, they are brothers.
Mom: *looks at the posters for a long time* Riiiiight

Another big kerfuffle in Polish media about a politician who decided Teletubbies promote homosexual agenda because Tinky Winky has a girl!purse OMG.
Mom: Do you know where I can buy some stickers with Tinky Winky?
Noelia: *confused, because this is surreal, even for my mom* Why?
Mom: Because I want to support this poor repressed Teletubby.
Noelia: ...

Noelia: So, when I'll be in UK, there's this big convention thingy where you can get autographs of famous people, and some of the cast of Heroes will be there and...
Mom: OH! Get me a picture of that cute psycho killer, would you?
Noelia: ...okay...
Mom: I know he eats brains, but there's something about him...
Noelia: ...

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