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Doctor Who

So many people said so many things about the LotTL that I won't even bother... I liked it, actually, as it hit a few of my storytelling kinks, but there were some things that... meh. You know what I am talking about. Dobby, Messiah, I DO Believe In Fairies MEH.

I am willing to forgive (HEEE) and forget, though, because Master was brilliant, and the death scene was fantastic, and the mountain slope made me thinkg of Holmes/Moriarty, and the themes of the entire season had their place (wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey, the power of words, the survival and the price of it...) and, generally, Martha finally LEFT (don't get me wrong, I love Martha, but she needed to leave on her own terms, and now she can come back, still on her own terms YES).

I do, however, have few requests for the next season, kthx?

* a companion not in love with the Doctor. Because it's bad for them. Because the Doctor doesn't make them better, he makes them miserable. Because I want to love the Doctor and not think he's being a bit of a jerk. Because GOD, Rusty, it is possible to have a form of a relationship without wanting to shag.

* Agatha Christie. Hey, no teasing me like this and then not going. Alternatively, Arthur Conan Doyle. YES.

* Doctor Tom. He's hot, the life is short, and I am shallow.

* Sally Sparrow For The Next Companion WEEEEE. Or at least someone similar: smart, capable, and willing to call the Doctor on his occasional bullshit.

* Romana. I know nothing of her apart from what I've learned from fandom, but... please?

* Queen Elizabeth and the explanation of the scene from the Shakespeare Code.

* the Doctor getting over Rose. YES, she was special. Yes, you loved her. Yes, I loved her. But for god's sake, you hadn't given any other companion a single mention after they were gone, so just DEAL already.

Other than that, keep up the good work, just step away from anything resembling Dobby and/or Yoda because that's unhealthy.
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