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Just a general rant...

Class-free day today, so yay. I thought I'd sit home and write fics (I have my het-muse back, I missed her...), but too many things to do, as seems to be a pattern lately.... who thought that you actually have to study while being a student? Not me, for sure.

I desperately need to get my hair cut and probably died, but no time for this either... and there is a dress for Wyr's prom to find, cuz of course I'm not going to go in a dress I wore for my prom, right? Phah... :D

Anyways, got 80% on my descriptive gramma test, so good for me. I'm starting to get a hang of all those co-ordinated sentences, constituents and phrase-markers... if only phonetics was that easy. Stupid vowel number 4.

On the paid account front - big nada. They don't like Polish credit cards, the snobs. As my bank says, it's a common thing around UK and US companies. Why the hell? If I've got a visa, which I've hears is an international credit card, why the hell can't I use it? doesn't like it either. Huh.

Oh, well. Prettier thoughts: there is a possibility I'll be going to London during my winter break. Keep your fingers crossed for me...

Thank you for listening.

*hugs flist*


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