Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Doctor Who. again. s4 spoilers.

So. Donna, huh?

Weeeeeell, at least she won't fall in love with the Doctor.

But although I like Catherine Tate and enjoyed Donna, I'm not sure if this character can successfully carry on for 13 episodes.

I think I shall write a fic where Sally Sparrow becomes a companion. It shall have them meet Arthur Conan Doyle, methinks. And it shall be JossedRusseled in December.

Also, everyone go and read I Dare You to Wear White (or, the many and various ways the Master attempted to escape marriage to the Doctor) which is awesomely awesome and absolute crack in that wonderful way when people(Time Lords) are in character but it's hilarious.
Tags: doctor who, recs

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