Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Who on earth had thought up the 25 kilos of luggage rule for the planes?

How am I supposed to pack? I already cut down and am not taking ANY books with me, and this is wrong on so many levels (yes, sure, I will be in a country with all bookshops selling books in English, but HEY). I cut down on clothes. I cut down on make-up and I am NOT TAKING ANY (well, I lied. Am taking lip gloss. But still). I cut down on the freakin' underwear!


Oh, well. The airline allows me to take a 'small purse'. I am taking my laptop in my 'small purse'. And my phones. And iPod. And cables. And wallet. And notebook. And CDs. And water. And some food. And if the guy at the airport calls me on it, I'll look at him with wide puppy-eyes (I can do them if I try) and I'm going to say 'this IS my small purse. You hadn't seen my LARGE purse'.

Leaving tomorrow OMG. PANICPANICPANICand disorder and chaos.
Tags: panic, random insanity, scotland

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