Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Good morning, dear flistians!

So, how is it going for me in Edinburgh, you may want to ask? (Or not, depending on whether you've noticed I'm rarely on lj right now because of me being in Scotland and not having regular net access... lets all pretend you did notice and you did miss me).

It is going fun. Yes, I do work nine hours a day (not including overtime, which I do clock up a lot of, because of the festival and tourists and crowds) and my feet and legs and back HURT like hell... but money! books! weee! (and of course, guys in kilts. and me helping them put said kilts on. many many guys and many many kilts...).

I have also seen Harry Potter and the Order of Pheonix and it have rocked. Especially Snape, yes indeed. Bring on the next book YES.
(I have pre-ordered the new book. I feel very good about it).

According to some opinions, I have picked up some of the Scottish accent. I have not noticed, but then again, I rarely notice the way I speak.

Bought the sonic screwdriver. Not apologetic in the slightest, because it makes a cool noise, yes it does.

Lost some weight, methinks. Might be because I don't actually have time to eat during the day and when I come back, I'm too tired to eat. So it's usually just a big breakfast and some danish and tea during the day. Not healthy, yes, but I'm trying to be better.

Photos and more coherent reports coming soon.
Tags: random insanity, scotland

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