Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

for someone without the net access...

...I sure post a lot, eh?

But there's a hotspot not so far from our flat, and, well.

After feeling a little down yesterday (I blame the weather and my period, yes) I'm back to form today. My feet stopped to hurt... just in time, cuz I work tomorrow and then they will start hurting again. Vicious circle, I'm telling you.

There were people offering free hugs on Princes Street. Had me smiling for half an hour, like a moron. Went to 'Ann Summers' and bought some underwear. PRETTY. Also, not so expensive, cuz, sale. Also smile-inducing. And the changing rooms there are kind of the size of my room in the old flat. Huh.

ALSO. Comment here with your address if you want a postcard from Edinburgh. Quick, before I still have money for stamps ;). Even if you think I may have your address, give it to me anyway, didn't take my notebook. Comments screened.

In other news:
*Saw a guy in 'Save a Cheerleader, Save the World' shirt. HEEE.
*Saw Lush shop. My wallet is scared.
*Hooked up Zbys, Ania and Weronika on Doctor Who. HEEEEEEE. Next on: Girl in the Fireplace. My cunning masterplan continues.
*Bought some porn. Went to the till with two CSI:NY tie-ins, forensics textbook, and D/s porn novel. You should have seen the face of the guy at the counter. Me just smiled prettily. HEEE.
*days of work: 4. guys trying on kilts: 16. kilts bought: 12. noelia's giddyness: infinite.
*I want a girl!kilt. Will probably buy one when I get my salary. PRETTY. with a sash and a pin and YAY.

Rec me some fics, will you? Preferably Mac/Don, Giles/Xander, Giles/Wesley, Giles/anyone-but-a-kitchen-sink-but-I-may-read-this-one-too-if-anyone-wrote-it, John/Rodney, Ianto/anyone.
Speaking of. Anyone wrote Giles/Ianto? WHY NOT?
Tags: random insanity, scotland

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