Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

So, that book everyone is excited about, eh?

SPOILERS clearly

I had expected a long queue, but not THAT long. They had live entertainment to keep us happy, though. A magician, a live owl, balloons, stuff. FUN. Especially
a)people walking by and going like HOLY HELL at the lenght of the queue,
b)lady behind me, who had purple hair and gothic lolita dress, and when a guy stopped and asked her what character is she, she just looked at him calmly and said 'I always look like this',
c)mother whose daughter wanted to go look at the queue and the costumes and the owl. Mom:"Stay away from the freaks... *pause*. No, freaks are fine. Stay away from anybody who looks normal",
d)Snape and Harry a little bit ahead from me in the queue, who were obviously TOGETHER.

So, book. Erm.
Lots of predictions turned out spot on, which just means that my flist is highly perceptive, which I knew, and that JK can be quite obvious, which I also knew (HELLO, Remus. And Romulus, when it comes to this. Could it be MORE obvious?).
Harry is a Horcrux, yadda. Snape is good. Also yadda. Snape was/is in love with Lily Evans. Fandom figured this out three or four books ago. It's fun, though.
Deaths. I AM NOT HAPPY. I kinda figured Snape and Lupin, sadly. But Tonks? Why? You have already killed Lupin, why Tonks?
And I want fics with Snape as the Headmaster. And fics with Snape surviving. Any fics with Snape. Now, please.
Speaking of which, how awesome was the fact that Snape got to be the Headmaster? Beyond awesome.
Loving Luna. And liking Ginny, which is new. Not exactly liking Draco, whose potential had been wasted since book one. Fics, please, step in.
DOE patronus. Awwww.
Erm. yeah.
Neville is made of sheer brilliancy. Loved murky Dumbledore past. Finally, some dirt. Still not liking him muchly, but you have to admire the way he plays people around him.
Names in the last chapter... Apart from the sheer joy at 'Severus', highly expected.
Would have liked to know what people are actually *doing*, apart from Neville being a Professor, in the epilogue. Fanfics, please.

General opinion: Loved it. Hated bits. Fairly regular, then. Want fics now. Need Snape icons.
Tags: hp:deathly hollows, random insanity, reactions, spoilers

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