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more about Deathly Hallows. and HP fandom. and fics.

I know I am getting overexcited (like everyone else) but I hadn't taken many books with me here so I'm rereading it for the third time in three days, so yeah...

I love HP fandom. I loved HP fandom before, of course, with all their underage fics, and incest and twincest and snarry and cracky theories and porn and god, so much wank, but right now my love is greater than ever.

The 98% of the fandom decided to absolutely ignore the epilogue. YAY. And about 10% of the fandom is shipping AS/S, which is the most unfortunate pairing name since Shayid.

But goodness me, the sickly sweet epilogue really deserves to be erased and put *right*. All was well? As someone put it succintly: My AS/S. Heee. I have my own shaping personal canon right now, which clearly says that Ginny and Harry are going through separation and/or divorce. Harry might end up with Draco, as half of the fandom wants him to, I don't really mind.

Oh, and of course, Severus is alive. YES. Don't look at me like that, fandom agrees with me. (And we were right about Harry as a Horcrux, R.A.B and Kreacher and the lake, and Snape/Lily, and many, many other things. So what if we had seen Snape die in canon? So did many other people, never stopped them.

Clearly, five minutes after Harry left Snape's body, Snape's eyes opened, and he coughed himself back to life. Bezoar, anti-venom, something. Come. on.

Need Snape icons.

Also. Corrupting people. Ania and Zbys are watching Doctor Who with me every day. Ania is reading HP and *finally* started to notice all the sex and slash innuendos. My work is not yet done, but I shall take over the world soon.
*laughs maniacally though politely since she is in a coffee shop using their wireless*
Tags: fandom, fanon, hp, hp:deathly hallows, random insanity

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