Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

I do doodle too

I am hooking Mom up on House and Ugly Betty. (For Polish people who are oblivious: House on TVP 2, 10pm Thursdays, Ugly Betty TVP2, 10pm Mondays.) She is already watching Prison Break (season 2, 2 episodes every Sunday on Polsat). She whines about lack of 3rd Season of Veronica Mars (we had first 2 on TVN) and enjoys Gilmore Girls s7 on TVN7 (Saturdays 7pm, repeats on Sunday). She's eagerly hoping for season 2 of Heroes.

She resists crime shows, but we will get there. My masterplan is going SO WELL, aided by the help of 'N' tv - our equivalent of TiVo. She is so much more receptive to good tv when she can watch recorded episodes, two, three in a row.

Meanwhile... I doodle.

brownie points for guessing who it was supposed to be. With my skill? You never know...

Tags: drawings, random insanity
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