Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

things I squee about

1. new layout. noelia_g. graphics by the extremely talented katekat1010. Giles/Xander are LOVE. Go check out the Fest at gilesxander

2. Also, connected. If you haven't before, check out the new installment of G/X Regency AU by the wonderful mireille719

3. Molly Has Two Daddies. If you agree, check out the adorable Coming Home by the fantastic lostgirlslair

4. The best web comic around xkcd. Brilliant.

5. I might be able to swing my work as my school practice. Considering I am obliged to do 70 hours of Teacher's Practice this year, this would be a godsend, as I teach twelve hours a week as it is... that on top of my university classes *and* writing a thesis.

6. I will possibly be teaching an Irish guy and a Scottish guy Polish. AWESOMENESS.

7. I have no time for ANYTHING. Which is kind of cool, in a dizzy way. I am downloading all my tv shows, and have no time to watch them. I buy books and have no time to read them. I *am* wasting time on sleeping and eating only because I have no choice in that matter. Kind of cool.

8. CAPTAIN PRETTY. Cala knows.

9. Mom and Mr A. are watching Polish version of 'Dancing with Stars'. Somebody is dancing Salsa.
Mr A.: Salsa always reminds me of that Cuban guy. You know, the Cuban guy? What's his name?
Mom: Fidel Castro?
Tags: random insanity, recs, squee

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