Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Rec: SG1/SGA, Daniel/John apocafic.

At The Hour When We Are Trembling by frostfire_17. SG1/SGA apocalypse fic, where Wraith come to Earth. John/Daniel.

36,000 words of held breath and tears and that twisting feeling in your stomach when you read something that is so fucking fantastic it almost hurts. And it's funny, too, in a heartbreaking way, and it will have you laugh out loud at the lines and then go 'Oh, Daniel' and 'Oh, John'.

And I'm overusing cursive, but it's so brilliant I feel justified. If you ever watched Stargate, or even if you didn't, just go read it.
Tags: recs, sg-1, sga, stargate

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