Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

CSI:NY episode reaction

First of all, I am so gloating right now about totally calling Drew being the 333 Caller. He had been entirely too creepy and stalkery to be just Stella's love interest, and something about him just got to me in a very wrong way.

It all comes together finally, and I like that it hadn't been dragged for the entire season, like the minature killer plot in Vegas. Partly because of the WGA strike and the uncertainty of next episodes coming, but partly because it could so easily get spread too thinly and be found lacking.

Three main themes merge here: the team as a family, the consequences of actions, and the past catching up to you. These pop up time and again on the show, and the execution of all three was brilliant.

Finally, as for the whole of this season, the team acts as one, perfect trust. It's good to see them like this. I think it's very important that after the last season's distrust and conflict between Mac and Flack, Flack is one of the firsts to learn about Mac's stalker this season.

333 mystery is all about family, too, and it's not a coincidence Drew targets Stella, the closest person to family that Mac has. The theme is confirmed in a short Flack/Stella/Lindsay exchange, where it's laid out that 333 targets Mac's family. (Also, interesting, that in episode that's all about Mac's past, hell, the plot line all about Mac's past, we still don't get to know anything about his real family (by real, I mean blood kin. Mac makes his own family in his team, and this one is probably more real to him than his first one). Will we ever?

Love that Flack comes to Chicago for Mac. Even if I wasn't a blatant shipper of Mac/Flack, I would be happy. They've come such a long way.

Danny hitting the mp3 player thingy is a thing of beauty. So is Stella figuring out Drew. So is Sinclair putting on the vest. And so are Flack and Stella and their Amazing Eyerolling Show in the scene with Sinclair.

Flack's tie is not a thing of beauty. However, Flack still looks good. It's mind boggling.

Please be having more Flack!sex against the wall soon. yes.
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