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So okay, I've wrote femslash... I feel weird, cuz it's totally not what I usually write... but I was attacked by a particulary vicious idea!bunny (there's no plot, so definitely not a plot!bunny...).

Anyway, dedicated to elizabuffy , I hope you'll like it :):

There is something to say for candy canes.

Buffy likes sweets, her Slayer metabolism demanding sugar high every now and then... but with candy cane you can get... creative.

She slowly licks the candy, caressing her lips with it, savouring the taste.

She reaches to touch the white skin before her, the candy making it's way down the sweet path, between lucious breaths, around the cute navel, lower and lower, into the sweetest place.

She dips it in delicious moistness and licks it again, then another dip and taste, like a cat with a cream.

Tara moans and tosses her head back, the cane entering her, then being taken back, sight of Buffy licking it driving her crazy.

She cames with a moan, Buffy's tongue joining the sweetness, tasting the best topping she ever had.

They rest together, content and seated, until the Slayer raises her golden head and asks. "What about Willow?"

"Oh, don't worry" the redhead replies happily, changing the camera angle. "I can wait, and you are so hot," she grins while zooming the picture.

"You know," Buffy starts "when I said we should buy her something handy, fun and battery-operated, I had something completely different in mind."

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