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CSI:NY and SPN - shows that make me cry my eyes out.

Seriously, New York, you are the good boyfriend show. You make me laugh, you are fun and hot and occasionally very disturbing but always in the entertaining, cracktastic way. You drive fast cars, have sex against a wall, do tricks with roses and sometimes like to play Die Hard.

We have a good thing going, you and I. I fangirl you like crazy, and you don't pull any crazy stuff.

No cool, show, not cool. A week after putting Mac through the emotional turmoil I expected and was ready to watch through, you go and kick Danny hard, out of nowhere?

The way they showed Ruben's body wheeled into the morgue hit me hard, especially because there had been no warning whatsoever. You can argue about the foreshadowing with the bikes, and the fact that they wouldn't introduce the kid and Danny's relationshop with him if it weren't relevant to the plot (or maybe they would? Flack had that little basketball team or whatnot, and no one got hurt), but... the moment the kid was out of the shooting scene, I thought he'd be okay. So had Danny. Not cool, show.

But I still love you because you are so fun to meta and overanalyze.

The Laughing Larry case is, after all, just a chorus to the 333 mystery - past comes back to haunt us, death of a child results in a vendetta... but it's also quite different, and in a way, Ruben's death ties into the overall theme of the season, and Mac's past.

Mac's inability to act is the cause of the tragedy, and here Danny as well doesn't act, or react, in a manner that would prevent the worst. As Mac will say later, Danny couldn't know, and he acted on an instinct (and notice how this time this is a comforting thought, unlike 'On the Job' which also had similar circumstances, shooting, fleeting suspect, Danny following his instincts...).

Also, randomly. Flack has his geek cred confirmed. Doctor Who and comic books. What else? Lindsay's interests also follow the pattern from You Only Die Once (Batmobile) and Commuted Sentences (Dennis the Menace). Stella's 'I bought seamonkeys' is a thing of joy and love.

A touching scene of Lindsay asking Mac what she's supposed to say to Danny.

'Stylish and practical'. Hee.

Also, I now ship Flack with every person on the show. Wasn't sure about Flack/Lindsay before, but as of this moment Flack joined the Ultimate Sluts' Club in my head, with Jack Harkness, Rupert Giles and Dean Winchester - men I ship with everyone and everything. Thank you.

I really like this season, show, but please, be carefree and fun, don't make me bawl my eyes out at scenes like Danny telling the news to Ruben's mother.

And you, Supernatural. You know I love you. You're the most perfect show every - you give me something pretty every week, and you make me overexcited about lore, literary tropes, themes and mythology.

Show, you hit all my literary and genre kinks. You give me two hot guys, yes, but you also give me an epic quest, daddy issues, redemption and damnation, outlawed heroes, guy in love with his spaceship(car), kick-ass chicks, guns, roadtrips, norse gods, fairy tales, urban legends and pagan lore. If it was possible to marry a tv show, you and I would take a trip to Vegas (and I know you'd forgive me an extra-marital fling with CSI:NY, right?)

First and foremost, thank you, show, for the Evil Santa shtick. Krampus lore is absolutely fascinating, and I was waiting for it to be featured by one of my shows, but you using it is especially lovely. Even though it wasn't true in the end, I love you so much for having this as a false lead. And Dean's reactions? Love.

The teaser is a thing of love. The Grandpa, the kid, the noise on the roof, the 'Reindeer!', the 'Santa?' and then the bloody foot. So much heee.

Also, gratuitous Mary Poppins reference. Oh, Sam, how I adore you.

Don't care all that much for the false lead with the drunken liping Santa, and the elf!girl joke was a little whatever, but so worth it for the carol.

However, the second attack, and our first actual glimpse of the Evil Santa? So much glee, with the Curlyhead!kid reactions, and the bag of 'presents', *and* the cookie.

Also, I love Bobby, did I mention that? He's not here, even the phonecall is just Sam's side, but you can imagine his expression, and the 'morons' part. Bobby is so much love.

And Sam's little spiel on how all the Christmas traditions are basically taken straight from Pagan beliefs? Fantastic. And so true. And Dean's response about Easter Bunny, hee.

Also, the gods themselves, with their Christmas decorations, and jumpers, and bridge games? I'm totally in love with this. I generally love any use of old gods living among humans, forgotten but not gone, but this was brilliant. Yes, the whole idea was a bit reused from Scarecrow, but Scarecrow is my favourite episode of season 1 (right after Bloody Mary, but that's because Bloody Mary is fuc...fudging terryfying.) Someone on my flist (I think it was aliasagent remarked that they should be more powerful, on account of, well, being gods, but I'm a great fan of the 'power coming from belief' theory, and therefore they just exist with almost none of their former strenght and might...

The whole episode reminds me greatly of American Gods by Neil Gaiman, and that's a very very good thing.

Leaving aside the MotW storyline... the flashbacks, and the Christmas. This is the heartbreaking part. I love the boys' different perspective on their father, I love the sad Christmas they had, I love Sam's reactions to Dean telling him about Dad, to Dean's lies and to the truth.

And I love the present storyline, with Dean wishing for the normal Christmas, and Sam still not giving up... but then he does. This season is intent on breaking my heart so much.

There apparently were some other shows this week, but I don't care. And I think me and the CSI Vegas will be breaking up, because I fail to care.
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