Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,


Merry Christmas everyone! *hugs and tackles the whole flist*

Good stuff. Ocean of good stuff.

1. Yuletide. Even though I didn't participate (maybe next year...), there's so much squeeing going on on my flist, which means you guys are happy, and that makes me happy. And there's so much fic, too! That everyone can read! It's like... well, Christmas. :D

2. Almost, almost done with my maleslashminis story. Well, the main one. Which means I will be able to post it on time, weeeee. I'm sitting here and shaking my head at the sheer crackiness of it, though, but it's a crackiness I enjoyed writing, therefore maybe it's not that bad. The other two stories should actually be finished before the extended deadline, so it's of the majorly good.

3. Watching Charmed. YES, it's bad at times, but it's a good, old-school, Prue/Andy, Piper/Leo beginnings bad. It's a lovely bad. And my, Piper. You are made of awesome. So are you, Andy.

4. Gifts! Got gifts! Books and books and books, *dances*. And, well, other things, too. But lots and lots of books. And chocolate praline bath bubbles and bath cream and chocolate toffee perfume... hee.

5. I ate so much cake I won't be able to move for days. Weeee.
Tags: christmas, lists, random insanity

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