Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Scene: Me and Mom watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Mom: This is fairly silly, isn't it?
Me: I can change the channel.
Mom: No. I want to see how it ends.

The kid falls into the chocolate river.
Mom: This is fairly disgusting, isn't it?
Me: Uh-uh.
Mom: Do we have some christmas chocolate left? I want some.

Randomly. I have TiVoed the Michael Shanks Christmas movie where Daniel and Cadman make out, and the stupid thing cut off the last ten minutes or so. Argh.

ALSO. I have just deleted more than a half of an almost finished story that is due in few days, because I have been tackled by a stupid plot-changing bunny. *flails*

*flails more*
Tags: mom, random insanity
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