Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

cards squeeee

Just got most of my Christmas cards (late, but I'm not living at my apartment at the moment, and the new place doesn't exactly have a postal address yet, long story, and the girls who are living at our apartment just gave me my long overdue mail).


Will thank everyone soon, because I'm so so so busy at this moment (should be writing homework due last week, but HEY). Just... Sofy, and Lostgirl (and the Fiance), and wisdomeagle (WEEEEE Drabble so pretty so shiny so MINE! *flails madly*), and Starbuck (SANTA AND PLANES) and Jillrenay, and other people whom I will thank later, but now COLLECTIVE HUG.

I love you guys, really. You all made my day.

*goes off to the HOMEWORK OF DOOM*

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