Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

yes, I know...

fourth post today (fifth considering the deleted one, which in all probability, none of you had seen) and three of them fic posts, I had not been so prolific since... I had never been so prolific.

I have finally watched the new Torchwood, and am not sure whether I should be squeeing like a mad fangirl, or shaking my head because they clearly cater to the mad fangirls... Is there something like too much squee? Like, when the squee pushes you over the horizon, and you land on your head in a strange land, where the squee is a little bit like meh?

Why yes, I do get insane at 2 am, thank you for asking.

Have also watched CSI:NY, and let me tell you again, this show is written for me. I am a kind overlord (overlady?) however, and I let you watch as well. Because could an episode be more written-just-for-me? Not unless it had culminated in Mac/Don/Danny porn scene, against the first available wall.

Had not watched anything else. I might be breaking up with SGA. Again. It's like the bad boyfriend I can't quit. But I had not watched the last three episodes, despite the squeeing treatment it gets all over my flist. I downloaded them, and didn't bother to watch... I might be over it.
Tags: csi:ny, random insanity, sga, torchwood

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