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meme to start a new day.

Week from hell starts in three, two, one...

Tests, finals, essays due... And still going to work in the evening. The most difficult thing, I think, is to leave all my anxiety about *my* sudies behind when I start teaching classes. Wipe your feet before you enter, and all that.

To procrastinate, before I need to go to my class and the Hell Week will officially start.

Gakked from novin_ha

A good title can make or break a fanfic. List (at least) five recent fanfics you've written. For each one, explain how you came up with the title and what it means.

I am, habitually, tragic at thinking up titles. Sometimes, however, I do strike something I actually like.

Uncharted. Faith/Illyria, written for porn battle V. Prompt was 'exploration', and the titles comes back to this. Illyria, in many ways, is a blank slate, lost in our world.

A Place In Time. Mal/Wesley, written for maleslashminis' Mal round. The fic is a bit out of context, we have no idea who Mal really is (I do know. mostly), and we're not sure where in time Wesley is, if this is the Angel canon verse or something else. Just two strangers, and a chance meeting.
It also calls back to 'the right place at the right time', because, after all Wesley does save Mal. From demonic cows. Yes.

The rules of the smuggling business. Gunn/Wesley space opera verse, again for maleslashminis, AU round. Quite descriptive of the fic, and I think that the moment you read the title, and the first lines, you know that each rule will be broken in the course of the fic. And it probably is.

Cast me gently into morning. Giles/Tara, for forty_or_better. Title from Sarah McLachlan's Answer, One of my all time favourite songs. It'c gorgeous, whispered, and broken, and hopeful. The fic is about grieving, but it's hopeful too, quiet and unassuming. Like Giles, like Tara.
And Answer is, in many ways, my official Buffy/Giles song, and I thought it fitting in a fic that is as much about grieving her as it is about Giles/Tara.

Songs of Experience. Giles and Illyria, post-Chosen. When started, it was supposed to be an Illyria fic, with Giles' in the background, and was supposed to be entitled 'Fearful Symmetry', call back to Fred's 'Supersymmetry' episode, and a reference to William Blake's Tyger.
The characters took over, as it often happens with my fics, and it became about Giles, and his grief, and about Illyria's presence, and about stories, and libraries, and most of all, about Buffy. The title is a callback to Blake, and the repeated image from the beginning and the end is still very much like the Tyger, and like my 'Fearful Symmetry' was supposed to be (maybe I'll write this one someday).
This is probably my favourite fic I've ever written, and shows quite a bit of my personal canon, including the belief that Giles will be the last of the original Scoobies to die.
Tags: fics, meme, random insanity

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