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So... it's all elizabuffy  and phendog 's doing. I wasn't going to write it... blame them...



It's about trust. And synchronisation. And of course, sheer enjoyment.

About riding hard and then softly again.

It's all in the movement, raising slowly to come down again, faster and faster, but steady.

It's about feeling free and happy, about understanding each other.

And they do understand each other, that's why it's so enjoyable, so wonderfull. They don't need words or gestures, it's like a mind-reading, but more, that thing between them.

He feels roughness under his fingers and strokes it slowly, knowing what pleasure it brings. They quickly find their usual rhytm, not fast, not slow, but getting steadily to their destination.

Right now, Giles feels happy. Who needs people when he has Otto?


Tags: btvs, fanfiction
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