Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

state of confusion.

My grandparents are devout practicing catholics. Me and my Mom are... not. Last time I've been in church and it wasn't for a wedding was four years ago, at friend's Confirmation, because it was important for her. My Mom? Only weddings and funerals and christenings.

Today my Mom wanted to do a chicken for dinner. It may seem random but I do have a point. Then she remembered what day it was, and changed her mind, and we got grilled potatoes (which I do actually prefer above chicken, but that's not the point). Today is Ash Wednesday, so Lent, right? And as Mom is not catholic, not even christian, should it matter? I mean, she doesn't feel guilty about not following the rules of other religions she is also *not* a follower of.

I think what really puzzles me is that she doesn't feel guilty about not going to the church. Nor about not going to the church on every Sunday. Not about not taking communion since... I can't say, long time. But she does feel guilty about the chicken, ergo, potatoes.

What do you guys think? Because I have no idea what to think.

In other news, A in the Psychology exam. I didn't even get any questions, we just chatted for half an hour (freaking out the other people who were waiting outside for their turn, as they were thinking the questions are so many and so harsh). And the prof told me I'm a joy to have in class. If you ever have any doubts, refer back to here: I. Am. Joy. So there.

Tags: mom, random insanity

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