Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Fic: Stuck with you for a while (Simon/Wesley)

Title: Stuck with you for a while
Pairing: Simon/Wesley
Rating: PG
For bethynyc at Simon round at maleslashminis.

When the fourth day of research doesn’t bring any answers, they all start setting into the possibility that just maybe, the Serenity crew is here to stay.

Cordelia takes the girls shopping, and even Fred ventures out of her room to tag along (true, she does so only after a long talk with River, a talk which no one really understood but which freaked out everyone, but it still counts).

The thought of that group unleashed on the LA is unsettling, but not as much as the other one, consisting of Angel, Gunn, Captain Reynolds and Jayne. This one heads out by the way of sewers, with a goal of reaching the Caritas and possibly finding some answers.

This leaves the research party in the hotel, but the Shepherd quickly excuses himself and heads upstairs, which leaves Wesley and Simon and piles of books.

Not that Wesley minds. Much. What he does mind, were the strange comments River imparted before leaving. Even the Mandarin part sounded ominous. Or, at least, disturbing. The fact that Simon actually blushed, to the tops of his ears, was even worse.

“Would this be of help?” Simon asks, pulling Wesley out of his reverie.

“Hm? Oh, right,” Wesley reached for the offered book, and followed the lines with his finger. “It does refer to a similar event, yes, but it doesn’t offer any actual solution,” he says after a moment. “I suppose we should keep looking.”

Simon is nodding, even if his expression doesn’t hold much conviction. “I suppose you are right.”

“But?” Wesley prods, and Simon shrugs.

“But we’ve been through most of the books here, and so far nothing had turned up to be even remotely helpful.”

“Then we keep looking,” Wesley says matter-of-factly and Simon breathes out something in Mandarin again. Wesley vows to at least learn the basics of the language later, when he has time and there is no impending Apocalypse or another prophecy to be translated. Fine, slim chances for that ever happening, but still. Could be useful.

In cases of next Apocalypses being brought by demons of oriental origins, or when he needs to decipher what a really, really attractive guy is muttering under his breath.

“I was going to suggest we took a break, actually,” Simon offers after a moment, and Wesley nods quickly.

“If you wish. Would you like some tea?”

Simon looks at him for a long moment, then shrugs. “Sure. I would love some.”

Wesley busies himself looking through the cupboard for the good kind of tea, not the tea-bag travesty Cordelia buys. He can tell Simon is watching him, sitting by the counter, his fingers gently tapping against the surface, a beat of a song Wesley had never heard.

“Sugar?” Wesley asks, and Simon smirks slightly, then smiles pleasantly, becoming even more attractive than Wesley thought before.

“I wouldn’t mind,” he says, and accepts the cup graciously. Wesley sits down across the counter, picking up his own cup and taking a careful sip.

“How long do you think the others will be gone?” Simon asks conversationally.

Wesley shrugs. “Cordelia and the girls, hours. She commandeered the credit card,” he adds in the tone of an explanation. “Angel and the rest, probably just as long. Especially if they have to sing. So it’s just you and me for now.”

Simon gives him a confused look at the singing part, then smiles. “Good,” he says, and leans forward, catching Wesley’s lips in a kiss.
Tags: ats, fanfic, firefly, wesley/simon

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