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1. Four top entries on my LJ? Fics. What happened? Not sure, but I'm kind of enjoying the writing spree. Minificathos certainly help.

2. I have turned down a very very very lucrative offer (preparing a boy to his final English exams, intense course, paying about two and a half of my monthly salary). I would have no time to prepare it well, and would probably have to slack on everything else. BUT, turning down so much money? WOE.

3. I worked out how to get Amazon to send me books, FINALLY. And of course I overdid with the shopping. Oh, well. Pretty pretty pretty books!

4. Addicted to S'mores Pop Tarts.

some are for sure, with deadlines and stuff. some are started and being plotted/written. some are 'maybe, because I have this plot bunny and can't shake it off'.

* Due 17.02. hetfic_minis Buffy round fic. I have a very good idea, and am enjoying writing it. It proceeds slowly but consistently, so that's good.
* Due 02.03. Every Slayer Needs A Watcher, Buffy/Giles fest. Have an outline, and three scenes written. Requirements are challenging, because they require a semblance of plot, not my usual out-of-context moment-in-time flashes. But it's good.
* Giles/Faith wishverse, alternate take on s5, with Dawn as Faith's sister. I'm enjoying plotting it.
* Tin Man, Cain/DG. It's getting into a Victorian UST romance, but it's kind of fun in a self-indulgence way.
* Woman!Giles/Xander, because I need help. Like, psychiatric help.
* Medical Investigation, so help me god. Connor/pretty much everyone. I BLAME NEIL.
* CSI:NY Flack/Taylor. Middle of s4, like, four episodes ago, because I found a nice place in between canon where I want it, and it's all right now brewing in my head, taking shape. I might actually write it, weee.
* Giles/Faith/Wesley, post-Chosen, possibly post the Hole in the World, ignoring all the rest of canon. London and an apocalypse. Possibly.

Hey, It's only 12 and I've already written 5 fics (6 if you count the Polish/English one as two). It's doable. Don't look at me like that.
Tags: fanfic, random insanity, to-do
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