Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Unpopular fannish opinions

...because I'm bored. Don't hate me. Feel free to argue with me, though.

1. I love Jo Harvelle. The treatment she got on the show, caused mostly by the fans' reaction to her, saddens me. Then again, treatment of all women on SPN saddens me.

2. I want one of the Petrelli brothers to die. Even though I love them both. But the protective bubble they are in because they are The Main Characters needs to be popped, pronto.

3. I like Danny/Lindsay, and I am tired of the entire fandom shipping Danny/Flack. PLEASE. If you need slash, get on Mac/Don. Or, you know, Flack/Hawkes. Also, Danny/Lindsay is adorable and sweet and should stay in canon, kthxbye.

4. Giles/Buffy. Giles/anyone, for that matter, but mostly Giles/Buffy. And I know that my flist might agree with me (well, some of you guys, at least), but I don't think most of the fandom does. Still.

5. A bit whatever about Jack/John in Torchwood. Yes, John and James are hot, and all that, but it feels too much like catering to fangirls and somehow...fake? (YES, I know, tv show, fake, yes, but still, I'm kinda meh). Pretty visuals, let's move on.

6. Dean Winchester should die. I love Dean, but if they get him out of the deal, I'll feel cheated.

7. I didn't like Alec in Dark Angel. Logan girl, me, unsurprisingly. And yes, Jensen Ackles is the prettiest thing EVER, but I get constantly puzzled by the adoration Alec gets.

8. I love Cameron on House. (And think she's actually getting the best character development, which I can't say about the yo-yo job they do on House himself at times).

9. Draco isn't handsome. Neither, actually, is Snape. Fandom, stop writing them as such. (Unless you are writing movies!Snape, in that case, an argument can be made).

10. Most of the times? I prefer het to slash.

...phew. I might have more, but I don't remember and it's late. I shall go and watch new SPN now.
Tags: fandom, random insanity

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