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Man, you guys are chatty... It's probably the rime difference thingy, but every day when I come back from school and check the flist there's at least five pages of it... How am I supposed to not even answer to everything but just read it?


The house stinks of cleaning products... that's the surest sign of my grandfather being here. Really, whenever he is supposed to come by my mom gets into cleaning frenzy... god, it's not like he likes when everything is clean here - he doesn't have things to criticize then. The bathroom stinks of detergent, the kitchen sink is so clean you could eat out of it if you were a weirdo that would eat out of the kitchen sink and she arranged all my tea prettily on the kitchen shelves... I feel as if it wasn't my house...

Fortunately she stayed away from my room, doing what he usually does when grandpa comes here - meaning, she closed the door and kept him far away from my room... thank goodness. It's not that I have a complete mess.... it's just that my books lie all around, and my papers on the desk are kinda... well, it's my organisation system. It's called 'put_it_somewhere' and it works.


Finished writing Christmas cards, thank good. I like doing it, but after some time it gets a tad repetitive...

Bets are on, will my Dad send a card, call or something this Christmas? Last time I saw him in... well, August after my rant of him not wanting to see me.... Well, that worked out, didn't it?


On happier things: Noelia got herself an AIM. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I'm finally connected to the world, so yay me. If anyone is interested, my id is 'insanityofnoelia'... tried many id's and was getting pissed of with every one being already taken. Stupid people *g*.


The final topic of this eclectic post.... drabbles!

for jedi_penguin : B/G christmasy thingy... I hope you don't mind me using that name (you'll see), but seeing as your post was my inspiration... and I really like the name *g*

"Can we open them?"

Giles sighed. It was going to be a long evening.

"Buffy, we've already opened one each."

"But they want to be opened!"

He rolled his eyes at her and she scooted closer.



"Pretty please?" she pouted, batted her eyelashes and did puppy eyes at him.

"Buffy..." he pleaded. His resolve was never good when it came to her.

"Rupert...." she purred.

Sandy raised her golden head from over the book that was definitely too serious, and Buffy intended to have a talk with Giles about it...

"Mom, be patient! Daddy said 'no', for heaven's sake!"


Illyria/Wes Christmas drabble... The plot bunny didn't want to go away....

"It's a parasite," she stated, looking up at it.

"Yes," Wesley sighed.

"And yet, you are expected to kiss a person that stands under that plant," she seemed to ponder it, her head cocked to her side.

"Yes," he replied in a tired voice.

She stayed silent for a moment. "I wish to be kissed," she announced finally.

Gunn looked around. "Uhm, guys, sorry, I've left an Apocalypse at home..." he retreated slowly.

"Don't look at me, mate," Spike shrugged. "You're the one who wanted to show Ms. Blue our Christmas traditions."

"As much as it pains me to admitt it, Spike is right," Angel knew an escape route when he saw one.

Illyria looked at Wesley expectantly, her lips partly open.

Lorne wisely didn't say anything, humming 'Santa Baby' under his breath.



Snow still no-show... I'm beginning to get worried :(. No snow on Christmas? That would suck....

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