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Okay guys, wasn't easy *g*. Neither of pairings was the one I usually write... but I hope I managed...

For supermom20  who requested Wes/Gunn and white chocolate... I can't write Gunn, I really can not... so I've found a way to write it without doing so *g*.  I hope you like it, Jen

Fred sat cross-legged on the floor, still near the table so she could run for cover any time she wanted.
She was already half way through the box of chocolates she got from Angel, and happily bouncing up and down, sugar high affecting her.
"Wesley?" she asked, looking up and raising the wrapped goodness towards him. "Want some?"
He looked at her with a smile and peared inside.
She smiled apologetically "Not much left, sorry," she said, her mouth stained with chocolate, and shrugged. "But there's a lot of white chocolate ones with that nice softy thingy inside."
He smiled back, then looked over her shoulder at the man sitting few steps away. "Thank you, Fred. But I prefer mine dark and hard."


For cala_jane , who requested Sawyer/Sayid... A nicely elegant drabble, I'd say... 100 words, 50 words each pov, 600 signs overall... and I wasn't even trying to do it that way *g*.

It was a highly unlogical thing to do, wasn't it?

You don't do nice things for people you are supposed to hate. You don't care that much, you don't care at all.

You should leave the fire signal to expire and don't even think about it twice, don't think about it at all.

And yet, with Sawyer keeping that fire... something was set on fire in Sayid.


He didn't know why, what for.

But there was something right about adding the wood to the fire, something ride about watching it burn...

Warmth and calm, and peaceful hope. Not for the rescue, he gave up on that and the rest should too.

Hope for seeing something different than dislike on Sayid's face, even if it wasn't nothing but shock.



For bethynyc who wanted Spike/Giles and Manchester United.... would help if I knew something about football *g*. But I know a lot of football fans were those scarf-thingies, so... *eg*

"Come on, mate! You're a Brit or not? You have to love Manchester United?"

Here they went again, same topic every bloody evening.

"They rule, mate! The game, the emotions! You'd have to be dead to not enjoy this!"

Giles just looked at him and Spike shrugged. "See, a dead proof of how good they are!"

The Watcher snorted. "I just can't imagine you as a... football fan."

"What's so funny?"

"I suppose you have that little cap?"

"Yeah, so? And a scarf too," he grinned suddenly. "Ya know? I bet it would be comfier than handcuffs..." he muttered.

Giles' laugh stopped, his mind supplying Spike tied to the bed post with Manchester United scarfs, displayed prettily before him...

"Now, that's an idea."


Hope you liked them (don't tell me if you didn't *l*)

Okay, still bored.... taking more requests *g*

Tags: ats, btvs, fanfiction, lost

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