Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

My show, it is back

Flack! You're such a geek. Mos Eisley Cantina. SNERK. And your flirting with Angel is beyond cute. Of course, we both know we're destined for each other, but she is pretty and you trying to pick her up fills me with glee.

Danny, you magnificent idiot. Seriously, after going to such lenghts to get Lindsay's attention in s3, you could at least remember her birthday. But you are pretty, and I forgive you everything.

Lindsay, honey, you are still beyond cute. And so is Hawkes. And Adam (LOVE for Adam and his soap-opera-y fake people!) And Stella, who had little to do this ep, but looked awesome as always.

(Also, Adam's awed 'she is awesome' spiel about Suspect X, and then the 'And very evil' addition at Mac's look. HEE)

And Angel, with your blonde wig and your vest and your Flack!flirtation.

(and how much was Angel/Flack and Danny/Lindsay vested visit to the doc's like a double date?)

And oh, Mac. You are awesome (John McClaine level of awesome, even), and they keep on slowly showing more and more of your darker side, murky past, and this is sucking me right in, big time.

And man, they have such pretty toys this season. I'm still not over the tablet laptops (WANT) but the conference call, nice.

Also, I like the new girl. They could have at least mentioned her before, yes, because this all backstory of hers and how she already is sort of friends with Mac, and helped with the lab thing (though, nice call back, and I love that they got back and explained, how the blown up lab got back, and with better equipment, too) seems a bit plastered on (but then again, so was Cameron Mitchell in SG-1, and I adore him to infinity). But she is pretty, funny, and at least they don't introduce her as 'already in a relationship' with Mac. (Not bitter, I love Peyton, but it seemed cheap. I want to see people get together, not be already together. It's why I don't read all that much of 'established relationship' fics).

And, just... My show is back! BACK. I know you guys are all psyched about BSG, and I'm happy it will get back, and that other shows are slowly appearing, but CSI:NY is my show, the one that never disappoints, and always loves me.

So, yes. This is me, and this is my squee.

PS. go vote in the hetfic_minis poll, if you hadn't already, it closes tomorrow :D
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