Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Ouch, show, fucking OUCH...

...or how CSI:NY punches me repeatedly in the guts.

Gods. I love this season. Because apart from making me giddy and squeeful and almost beyond happy with the geekiness and the fun, it also has the uncanny ability to break me.

You think I cry on Torchwood finale? I might. You think I break down and weep on AtS? It has been known to happen. But only CSI:NY can break me in almost every episode, without being angsty itself and without shedding a tear (Manly Tears (TM) on SPN used to make me sniff. Now they make me cackle).

Danny. Gods, Danny. You just never learn, do you? And no, I don't mean the cheating, I don't think he had cheated before. I mean the pushing away people who care about you, who you care about, when the things get rough. Mac, Flack, in the past, now Lindsay.

And Lindsay, ouch. You don't know how to do comfort (you said as much before), and yet you want to and yet you can't.

And Stella. If anyone is having a really rotten two years, it's you. And you are strong and awesome and you break my heart.

And did you notice, how much it all becomes about actions/inactions? The inability to act, especially, the failure to do something at some point, is what becomes a recurring theme this season. Mac, Danny, Stella, in their respective storylines. Lindsay being unable to help Danny. Four out of six main characters. I'm waiting for Hawkes and Flack to have their.

(Aside. I demand more good storylines for Hawkes. He is awesome, awesome character, and needs more time for being awesome. The line about sneakiness? Priceless. Give him more to do. End aside.)

Also, do I sense a hinting on Mac's family? His conversation with Justin/Austin's mother? There was some serious hintage on Mac's backstory, and given how much we get about families this season - both in episodical plots, 333/Drew arc, and team interractions, I think there might be something coming. I would be beyond happy, because I'm dying to know more about Mac's family.

To end up: Flack is pretty. He might not have had much to do in this one (although his interrogation scene, and remark about Stella, awwww), but he is always pretty and it is always worth to mention that.
Tags: csi:ny, random insanity, reactions, tv
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