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Spamming my flist with another drabble... *g*

For theferretgirl , who requested Cordelia/Wes/Faith and a kitten...

Dark hair on the pillow, like a halo. Innocent smiles and a wicked flashes in their eyes.

Oh, yes, Wesley is a privileged man, having Faith and Cordelia in his bed... and on his kitchen counter, on the floor, on his desk...

He loves to watch them explore each other, he loves when they pay attention to him... The imagination, the passion... the glass-shattering shriek.

"What the fuck is that!?"

What a way to kill the mood, truly Slayer style.

He looks around to localise the source of terror on Faith's face.

"That, my dear, is a kitten."

"Since when do you have a cat?" Cordelia asks, stretching gloriously, one hand absently running through her hair.

"I've found it few days ago. Poor thing was in miserable state... her parents were eaten by demons. Couldn't leave her like that."

"Always a hero," Cordelia states, smiling and caressing his shoulder, reaching to pat the kitten. It scoots away, suddenly interested in Faith's knickers lost somewhere in the middle of the floor.

"Couldn't you at least get yourself a smart animal?" Faith asks, determined to not be affected by the white cuteness on paws. "Like a ferret? Those are cool."



Hope you like it :)

Tags: ats, fanfiction

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