Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

CSI:NY 4x17

...because I was going to write this when I got distracted by the shiny AMY ACKER ON DOLLHOUSE.

Obligatory Flack is my boyfriend mention: he knows his causes of death. he steals chocolate samples. he asks if the inspector is pretty. HE WATCHES PROJECT RUNWAY. trufax.

In other news, blast from the past again, and again. And they keep uncovering layers of Mac, each one a little bit more telling, but also a little bit more damning. Yes, he loved Clare, but yet, he kissed Quinn (whom, surprisingly, I kind of liked, but I don't think we're done yet. There will be repercussions, especially on this show.)

Family, again, too.
Mac caring for Lindsay. Two years ago, he'd be angry at her about the evidence. Now, her well-being is his first concern.
Reed, coming back. This is a familial relationship now, and it's nice to see that for Mac.
Stella, knowing Mac for so long, and not even being aware of Quinn's existance, also something extremely interesting.

Crime of the week. Gods, creepy. The taxi driver thing was the most creepy thing in Deaver's The Bone Collector (I LOVE this novel, love, love, love), and to have it here? Heee.

Jaws references are love.

Hawkes needs more storylines. I shall keep on mentioning it until they give him some (and I do have amazing powers. I had been mentioning Amy Acker on Dollhouse for months (cala_jane will confirm, because she had to listen to it for months) and PRESTO.)

You know why this is the best show around? Because it makes me care about every character. I love Flack with a strenght of a thousand suns, yes, and I adore Mac to pieces, but every one of them, Stella, Hawkes, Danny, Lindsay, fill me with glee and yet can make me tear up and hurt when they're hurting.

Also, randomly. We usually see the killer sometime through the episode. It's very rarely a character we hadn't seen before (well, not on CSI:NY. CSI did it, most notably with the miniature killer, but still). Which makes me think, the cabbie!eyes, not the real murderer. And if we had seen the killer, either the chocolate guy (unlikely), Reed (don't think so), or Quinn (woah, interesting).

Or, yes, random cabbie psycho, but still.

That would be all. I had more coherent thoughts, but clearly, not anymore.
Tags: csi:ny, random insanity, reactions, recaps, squee

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