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non-spoilery thought about new Doctor Who. and randomosity.

Polish people coming to UK for work must be quite noticeable, if we get a mention on Doctor Who, eh?

Part of me is thrilled. Part of me is slightly disappointed that we didn't get a Polish guy playing the character (the accent was dodgy, btw. More Russian than Polish, IMHO). Part of me is slightly annoyed that the natural assumption was that he must be working illegally.

But, mostly thrilled. Look, we're mentioned on Doctor Who. Hee.

In other news, Going Postal will be the next Discworld movie. David Tennant for Moist, y/y?

In other other news, I got sunburned. For those of you who met me, you know how unlikely that is, as I never sunbathe, and generally do a very good vampie impression, what with hiding in the shadows and snarling at the sun.

But yesterday I needed to escape people who came with visit, so I went into the garden and pretended the book I was reading was A Very Important Book For School(TM) (In fact: Fighting the Forces: What's at stake in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It mentions 'phalically named Spike' and 'a growing sexual tension between Giles and Buffy', so I'm a happy person because I am an easy person). And I started reading, and somehow didn't notice that I got more and more red as the time passed. For heaven's sake, it's April, the sunrays shouldn't be that strong.

Now I am red and itchy. Not yay. (And still have the slight food poisoning. Also not yay.)

Spoilers for episode 21, 'Hostage'.

"A bank heist goes awry when the manager is killed and the frantic gunman takes the entire bank hostage, demanding a CSI to help prove his innocence."

this pic shows it's Mac. And it fills me with unholy glee. And not matter which way they go about it, calm Mac talking some sense to the guy, or DieHard!Mac of the last season's finale, I shall be squeeful and bouncing.

Bank heists. Hostage situations. Demanding a CSI to prove innocence. This show LOVES me.

(And this, right after a murderous taxi driver plot? This show might be soon proposing to me.)
Tags: csi:ny, doctor who, random insanity

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