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Okay, probably the last post for today, since I need to get some sleep, too.... *pouts*

I realised I hadn't written anything on one of my favourite pairings... (and one of the very few without Giles that I actually like....)

So, here it is, Fred/Wesley. *bounces* I can still write het! Yay me! *L*


There was no Christmas for Fred for a very long time now.

Maybe it was only two years, but it felt so long.... time flows slowly in other dimension, expecially when you are a slave fugitive...

No winter on Pylea. No cold evenings and warm cocoa, no snowman making, snow melting on her fingers, red stinging sensation making her feel so alive.

No presents wrapping, shiny paper, glittering ribbon, so smooth and pretty.

No mint chocolate under Christmas tree, warm and melted, leaving delicious stains on your hands.

No mistletoe hung from the ceiling, no stolen kisses hidden from parents...

No winter in Los Angeles, either. She wrapps gifts and writes cards, some on her walls, the ribbon glitters prettily and she smiles at it.

She misses the snow, that freezing satisfaction of a job well done.

There's a knocking on her door and the stinging sensation of blush, fingers combing her hair nervously, half smile frozen on her face.

There's something in his hand and when he opens it she sees a gold wrapping and melted goodness, sweet stains in the palm of his hand.

And she smiles, warmth radiating of her, melting her nervousness away. She knows there will be no need for hiding, there will be kissing under mistletoe, and after it's taken off the ceiling. Many kisses, tasting of tea and cocoa, lifetime of tacos and scones, books and gentle touches.

There was no Christmas happier than this one.


Thank you for reading *g*


Tags: ats, fanfiction

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