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weekly csi:ny squee (4x18, Admissions)

I love all my tv shows (on the current count, I'm watching 23 of shows that do still have new episodes coming. I'm also in the process of watching some that are already over but I've just discovered them, or finally got episodes. I might need a life, but the so-called real life doesn't have Flack) but I get this geeky and this squeeful and thise excited only over csi:ny.

Therefore you, dear flist, are once more subjected to:

Firstly, the squee points for the episode, and they were numerous:

The first ten minutes were made of love and awesome. Stella and Mac chorusing the same line. Flack telling them they had been working together for too long. Immediately followed by Flack's 'Boom', which prompted me to call him Kettle, and which prompted Mac echoing Flack's line and saying he's been working with Danny for too long.

Then Danny and Hawkes and the equation, and Hawkes geeking out and Danny's 'oh! pick me!' and then his 'N(e)rd' on the board... reminded me of me and cala_jane a bit. Only she does it with much more eyeroll than Danny.

And Mac and Don, about giving Mac hard time. Heee. Because, seriously, it's so nice to see them joking about it.

And Sid! Sid and Mac, with the most disturbing exchange ever. (Apart from the fact that I get that too... I mean, someone tells me that drinking the pipe cleaner or whatnot kills you immediately and for realz, and I will be staring at the bottle in my kitchen with some morbid fascination and wondering. And I would never do that because please, not stupid and not suicidal, but...) And Sid's 'Don't play with me like that' is LOVE.

And Adam and his voiceover, and Stella catching him on it, and being all adorably bemused, and Adam being adorably embarassed, and I want them to make out, all adorably and bemusedly. NOW.

And this all shows what had been really made a point of this whole season: they are family. The know each other, they love each other, they are comfortable with each other. And they maey have differences, but in the end... family. And love.

Oh, and also, Flack's eyebrow-rising joy when the gambler guy pegged him as a bad cop? Because a) Flack would love to be the bad cop, and b) he knows the guy is soooo wrong here. LOVE.

The more serious stuff.

The entire episode grows more and more creepy, with the underlying taxi-driver storyline. The normal NYC porn shots (side note: I love NYC porn shots. I mean seriously, any other city, and I get bored with theym filling up the space with boring buildings and cars when they can show me more characters and, like, plot. But NYC? gimme more.) are growing more and more disturbing. You see all the yellow taxis, hundreds of them, and you know that there is a killer in one of them.

Also, if the mere killer-cabbie storyline wasn't enough (and I need to rewatch the Bone Collector soon, because LOVE), they're adding the creepy religious imagery of the rosary. I'm a sucker for the religious themes in my crime stories, my horror stories, and my porn. How disturbed does this make me, on the scale from one to very?

And then there is the moment when the cab drives by Mac, and he stares after it. And there was... something about that scene that makes if more than just Mac paying special attention to the cabs. It's like he saw something, or thought something, but mostly, as if he had recognised something or someone. Which makes me think that, again, the main story is getting close and personal. Think of it, all the family themes of this season, and past actions and consequences... They have me hooked.

I love what this show does with themes, by the way. The main themes of the show: everything being connected, family, past deeds and consequences, things getting personal and hitting too close to home, no one being safe, identity and image and reinventing it and building it, and things not being what they seem... they all come together time and time again, in main stories and in the episode plots, and I'm completely in love with it.

Back to the episode, though. Gerard. Gods, Gerard. This was, once again, painful, and if this show can break me up because of the character I don't even like that much? Yes. But the last scene, the gunshot, you just know it's him, and he just killed the rapist. And the very last shot, of him letting go of the gun, and just sitting there, and knowing that he'll have to face the consequences, but he is not regretting this, because this, for him, was the choice he needed to make.

And guilt, again, about not being able to protect someone. To do something. And it doesn't matter, that there was nothing you could do, because the guilt and the regret is still there. Danny, with Ruben. Mac, 333. Stella, kid next door. Now Gerard. And shit, you don't repeat the theme like this if you're not trying to drive the point home.

So, what about that taxi driver, eh?
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