Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

Back to the land of the living.

Dear Internet,

Please never go away again.


GODS. No net since yesterday. I had to make my own entertainment. So sad.

In the good news, read a lot today, *and* watched Buffy with Mom. Mom well and truly hooked. She started with 'so, no net, if you really want to, you can watch Buffy on the big screen'. Which, in Mom-speak, translates to: 'I want to watch Buffy'.

So, we did, and after each episode, Mom, in a really disinterested voice, went 'so, still nothing good on tv, we could watch another episode?'. And so we watched ten episodes of s2 today (SERIOUSLY, TEN) and arrived at Innocence. And Mom is beyond hooked now, she just asked if Angel's gonna be back, and she really wants to know... awesomeness. I am so not spoiling her, she needs to watch.

She likes Willow the most. She was a Willow/Xander shipper, but now moved to Willow/Oz. Mostly, she loves Willow.

pellamerethiel, yes, she still likes Angel. Shipping Angel/Buffy a bit, but hey.

She is greatly amused by Spike and Drusilla. She doesn't care all that much for Giles (so working on it, and she's warming up to him this season), but likes Giles/Jenny.

She demanded I buy the third season as soon as it comes out. I am holding back any comments of how she used to make fun of me for liking a show called 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. HA. I repeat, HA.

Ja za to jestem wielce rozbawiona tłumaczeniem. Zwłaszcza tytułami, które przetłumaczone są dwukrotnie - na pudełku i w menu dvd.

Czasami różnice są niewielkie: 'When She Was Bad' jest 'Kiedy była złą kobietą' na pudełku (Hee. Bo to zła kobieta była, i w ogóle) i 'Kiedy była niedobra' w menu.

Czasami... 'Bad Eggs'. Wersja złowroga: 'Szatańskie nasienie' w menu i wersja tragikomiczna: 'Ale jaja!' na pudełku.

Niekonsekwencja w tłumaczeniu jest także w dialogach... Giles jest Rozpruwaczem, Kosiarzem i, uwaga, Siepaczem. Siepacz to jak na razie moja ulubiona wersja.
Tags: btvs, mom, random insanity

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