Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

April Fic and Graphics round-up

April marked my return to graphics (as I've got back my Photoshop, thank gods). It also had an decrease in fics as from last months, but definitely an increase in writing in Polish... Polish fic will be tranlasted at some point, into English. (Well, apart from the Spuffy one, because it's based on plays on words and I'm not that good ;D)

English fic

One of those epiphany thingies, Buffy/Giles

The Benefits of the Tropical Virus #298, Giles/Xander

Polish fic

Rytm, Buffy/Spike

Nawet Jeśli Cię kocham, Giles/Jenny

Narzeczona Szejka, i inne powody do uprawiania seksu, Giles/Anya

Piosenka o Końcu Świata Giles/Faith, Giles/Buffy, Faith/Buffy

Między okładkami, Wesley/Angel(us)

Zamykam oczy (i cały świat umiera) Fred/Wesley

Zasady (są po to by je łamać?) Giles/Faith


Wallpapers Giles/Fred, Giles/Faith, Giles/Fred/Faith.

AtS and BtVS icons mostly my OT4, Giles, Wesley, Faith, Fred, but also some random Spuffy and whatnot.

shareable interest icons, part 1, BtVS, AtS, BSG, CSI:NY and others.
Tags: fanfic, fic round-up, graphics, graphics round-up, round-up

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