Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

These Are My Shows (What Are Yours?)

Based on the Your Friends Are Not Watching The Same Show You Are, and gakked from all over my flist and friendsfriendslist.

Battlestar Galactica: The What The Frack? Show, also The Kara Thrace Is Made Of Awesome Show

Bones: The Bones Is Adorable And Booth Is Awesome And Squints Are LOVE Show.

CSI: The Grissom Show, (as The Grissom And Sara Show had been cancelled)

CSI:NY The Best Freakin' Show Ever That Is Made For Me And BTW, Don Flack Is My Boyfriend.

Dexter: The It's So Creepy I Can't Look Away Show

Doctor Who: The Crack Show

Gossip Girl: The Blair Waldorf Show Of Sparkly Bitchiness

House: The Greg And James Show

How I Met Your Mother: The Legendary Barney Show With Guest Starring Robin Sparkles

NCIS: The Tony Show

SGA: The Rodney McKay Is The Most Awesome Being On The Planet And Occasionally There Is Major Lorne Who Is Love Show

SPN: The They Make Me Hurt Every Week In A Bad Way With Their Handling Of Gender And Race, But Jensen Ackles Is Still Pretty And There Are Myths So I Keep Watching Show

Torchwood: The Double Crack Show, With Ianto

Without A Trace: The My Ship Was Canon And It Sunk And I Cling To Hope It Will Be Back Show

My cancelled Shows:

AtS: The Wesley Show, then The Wesley And Fred Show, then The Wesley And Illyria Show. I am consistent.

BtVS: The Giles Needs To Get Laid More Show

Firefly: The Oh My God I Ship Everyone With Everyone Show

Now, my darlings. What are yours?
Tags: meme, random insanity, tv

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