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I don't want to jinx it, but maybe, if they like me and I like what they offer, maybe, just maybe, I will be going to work in US for summer.
All those bookshops there... *g*

Got RotK expanded edition dvd's, and I gotta say... cool! Haven't watch everything yet, I'm on a stage of 'Oh! Shiny!' and 'More Aragorn! Squeee!'
Have Star Wars dvd's, and... Naboo? Hayden? They killed my Star Wars! Also, shot of Hayden right after a shot of Wedge without helmet? How could they?
Does anyone feels my pain?

I'm bored, you know? And yes, you guessed right, I'm taking requests for drabbles. One restriction: At least Giles or Wes have to be involved in pairing requested... (and yes, Cala, it is a plot to not write Sawyer/Sayid, and yes, I'm mean... But there is not much to write about, as you well know...)

So, anyone?

(Yes, catfish, there probably will be slash, so better turn your poor eyes away or you might get scared for life...)

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