Noelia (noelia_g) wrote,

CSI:NY 4x19, a.k.a. the weekly squee.

You know the drill. This is the show I love and squee about every week.

Standard Disclaimer out of the way: Flack is my boyfriend. Trufax. And I might have watched the part where he lifts his shirt up to show his badge a few times. Maybe more than few.

Hokay, the episode itself. First, the game case. Worked by my favourite OT3, and not only in the shippy way... NY team has the best interractions ever, and, much like it used to be with Firefly, I ship everyone with everyone.

I do have my preferences for people working cases together, though. Mac and Stella. Stella and Flack. Mac and Flack. Stella and Hawkes. And, of course, Mac, Danny, and Lindsay. They rock, every time they work together, and this was no different.

There were lots of brilliant moments, from the wager at the stadium, to the "Peanuts, Popcorn, Poison!" bit in the elevator... Lindsay, even though she was trying not to, just couldn't help but smile, and it was adorable.

Oh, by the way? I want Lindsay's jacket. The one with brilliant waist and amasing collar. LOVE.

Danny/Lindsay. They are working towards it, finally. And Danny is getting better, even though still not there yet. Maybe with Ricki gone, he can let go of Ruben, finally? Let go of his grief, and be able to let Lindsay in?

I actually like Ricki. I know it probably makes me a bad Danny/Lindsay shipper, but Danny and Ricki made sense for a while, taking into account Danny's tendencies to destroying his relationships when things get hard. Striking before he gets hurt.

(This is something they do a lot. Danny. Lindsay with pushing Danny away in season 3, to deal with her own grief and turmoil. Stella, not letting anyone in after Frankie, and keeping distance, which yes, in Drew's case, great instincts, but I don't think it was that... Mac, here, with Reed.)

Also, how beautifully shot was the scene of the phonecall? Lindsay, surrouned with blues and grays, in the cold rain. And Danny, in the oranges and browns of a dimly lit apartment. And that's exactly the opposite of where they are, emotionally, in the relationship.

(And Danny's picture on Lindsay's phone is adorable)

And then, the final cab scene? Where it seems like Lindsay is getting in? I knew she would not be - they shot it confusedly on purpose, and the moment Reed gets the message you know he's going to end up in that cab... but it still gave me a chill and I was worried about Linds. Good stuff.

Also, I do want Reed to survive. Mostly because he plays nicely against Mac, no matter whether he's being a jerk or a very likeable guy.

The cabbie killer case is moving at a slow pace - even though we've learned a lot, we're still nowhere. It will come to an end in the next episode, I suppose, and we're in for a thrill ride, I can tell. I like how they're playing up Mac's frustration, and with Reed in danger, that's gonna be a hell of a pay-off (Mac more pissed off than the last season's final eps? Can't wait).

There is something else in this episode that interests me, coming back to responsibility and guilt and culpability... but also a recurring theme of apologies. Mac talking about that phonecall from the widow. Danny and Ricki's 'don't say sorry'. Danny keeping to try and apologise to Lindsay... Guilt is a major theme this season, and I love it.

Oh, and there seemed to be more Hawkes. Keep it up, and give him personal storylines, too.

Is this really only two episodes till the end? I want to see the finale, but I won't survive the hiatus... Damn you, show. Love you, show.
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