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CSI:NY weekly squee, plus, Dollhouse!

first Dollhouse promos are here. Let us squee.

How brilliant is that Flack had sex, possibly for the first time, at a backseat of a cadillac on prom night? So Flack. So fun. And him and Angell continue to be cute, and the fact that she was the one driving, and he was the one in the backseat was LOVE.

Okay, squee over. Now, the serious stuff.

There are two things that tie in with the overall themes of the season, and the overall themes of the show, which I loved, because New York keeps on being thematically consistent and on building up on the same issues, strenghtening their message.

(Vegas, for example, does it to a lesser extent, with luck and coincidence, lately in Theory of Everything... it's appropriate for a show set in Las Vegas, just as the theme of identity and reinvention of self, and loss of self, consistent with New York, the city of cities, the ultimate place where you can easily slip through the cracks.)

First, identity. We never learn the name of the Taxi Cab Killer, he remains a John Doe. That's the second instance in this very season, after Suspect X (Who are you? Who would you want me to be.), and we had a number of other instances of constructing and reconstructing identity, throughout the entire show (If I thought anyone would read it, I'd write a longer meta on identity on this show... who knows, I might anyway).

And not only that, but also, Reed using Claire's name for the victim, to get Mac's attention. Where, clearly, Claire had been the one connection between them, the only basis for their whole relationship. But the name, because no one should die anonymously (but of course, the woman does. Suspect X does)... I love my show.

Second, family, and hitting close to home, the feel that no one is safe. Reed being abducted hits at Mac, even though they're not really a family - but they are connected, by Claire. It is a form of family, too.

But the no-one-is-safe pattern repeats this season, too, with the fire at Stella's, with Rueben and Danny, with Drew Bedford. And in a smaller way, even with the burglary at Flack's girlfriend's.

Also, worth noting, bot in the pilot and here, the city is affected. The strange sight of the Statue of Liberty in blood, the whole city paralysed by the cab killer, and in both cases, the message. Can you hear me now? Can you hear what I'm trying to say? (repeated in patterns, again, tying in with the 333 plot, and repeatedly in episodes' plots on the smaller scale).

Mac's final voiceover, which sounds like a part of a press conference or a statement, is playing over the scenes of him and Reed getting into a taxi, and then camera panning out to see the sea of yellow cabs on the streets. The image does no longer hold the menace from the few last episodes, where the normal shots of New York became creepy and threatening. The city can heal. The city is safe. But it's not, not really, because no one is safe, not on this show.

One more episode this season. I'll miss my show...
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