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TV schedule for the fall

what will I be watching next fall

Some old favourites, some new shows that I will be watching for sure, and some shows (new and old) which are getting a few eps chance to get me interested enough to continue watching.


Merlin (NBC). Anthony Stewart Head plays Uther Pendragon in it, so I'll be watching even if it's awful. I hope it won't be, though.


How I Met Your Mother (CBS). Consistently getting better. A must.

Gossip Girl (CW). Hadn't expected to love it so, but I do. Ultimate guilty pleasure.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Fox). Also surprisingly hooked. Summer Glau rocks, and the rest of the cast is fantastic as well.

MIDSEASON: Dollhouse (Fox). Joss, Eliza Dushku, Amy Acker, questions of identity and exploitation. Only way I could be more excited, if ASH guest-starred (and then I would spontaneusly combast, and they'd have to scoop me up with a spatula).

Heroes (NBC). Even though the second season was disappointing, I'm giving it a chance. Four episodes, and we'll see.


NCIS (CBS). Unless they kill Tony. Then, sayonara. (No, honestly. I love all the characters, but if they killed anyone else, I'd stick to watching. Killing Tony is a deal breaker).

Without a Trace (CBS). I'm watching mostly by force of habit, but it's a solid show.

90210 (CW). Giving it two episodes to hook me. Gossip Girl managed, we'll see about this one.

House (Fox). Because, DUH. House is awesome.

Fringe (Fox). Two episodes chance, as well. Not very interested, so it will have to be very good.


Pushing Daisies (ABC). I'm still charmed by it.

Criminal Minds (CBS). Because I do love procedurals, and this one is way fun.


Stylista (CW). It sounds fun... we'll see. Two eps chance.

Bones (Fox). Because it rocks beyond the telling of it.


Ugly Betty (ABC). It's the switch-off-thinking-and-have-fun show, and it's charming to boot.

Life on Mars (ABC). I like both the actor who plays Sam here, and the girl who plays Annie (she was Flack's girlfriend, so, obviously, FTW), so I'm giving it a fair, four-episodes chance to prove to me they can pull it off and not just be a calque from UK version.

CSI (CBS). Because even though I didn't like the eight season, I still love Grissom.

Eleventh Hour (CBS). Rufus Sewell. Therefore, I'll probably watch even if it's bad. Because... Rufus Sewell! *points at icon*

Supernatural (CW). I was less than pleased with some aspects of the last season, especially gender and race treatment... I'm close to breaking up with it. Four episodes chance, boys. Don't let me down, because I do love you still. But I don't want to yell at the screen in frustration anymore.


Numb3rs (CBS). When I have time. I usually hog episodes and watch four or five in a row, and I think this will continue.

Stargate Atlantis (Sci-fi). I assume it will continue on Fridays.

Battlestar Galactica (Sci-fi). However this hiatus scheduling will work.


Knight Rider (NBC). Two episodes chance.

+plus, probably Torchwood, whenever it comes up, and there are a few other BBC series in the works that I might be watching (the Invisibles, if they continue, that Van Helsing thing, etc)
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