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CSI:NY 'Hostage'

A quick one, as I'm incredibly busy this weekend, having a social life. I know, I'm surprised too.

Okay, so maybe it wasn't a thrill ride like 'Snow Day', but I loved it a lot, too. I am a great fan of CSIs performing their jobs outside of their normal circumstances (generally, I love fish out of water plots of all kinds, but this is my favourite) - Danny in Trapped was a great example, there was a CSI episode with Grissom in a little town outside of Vegas, etc.

I loved, too, what they're doing with Mac. He makes mistakes. He's brilliant, and perceptive, and we see that emphasised throughout the episode, and then, he makes a mistake, he gets played. I love fallible characters, I love characters who really make mistakes. And I like it when authors and writers *let* their characters be wrong, but not be worse for that (I have issues. Some books and shows burned me.)

And again. No one is safe. Family (worried Stella, all of them knowing each other perfectly, Mac sending clues they act on without as much as a pause, not only because they are smart, but because they *know* Mac, and that's what Mac would do) (using families as hostages, real or not). Identity (What's your name? Your real name?).

Also noted: Adam Baldwin squee. I hope he's not involved in the case as it is, but will be coming back on semi-regular basis, because he is love. Especially with guns.

And Flack is love. Especially in kevlar.

So, that's it for the season. I'm slightly annoyed at the cliffhanger, because, come on, hiatus is evil, but overall, this was the best season so far, they are consistently improving (and firmly on the level of Awesome now), and I can't wait. I love my show.
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