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Drabbles... yes, again *g*

Three drabbles written for buffyverse1000



Best friends shared things.

Everybody knew that.

It was an unwritten rule number 168 in the best buds codex, wasn't it?

If you wanted to borrow that nice green top that went fabolous with your new skirt, you didn't even have to ask.

Your notes from lectures were here notes as well, especially since she usually slept through all lectures... side effect of saving the world on nightly basis.

If you desperately needed a not-silver bracelet to wear on a date, you just rummaged through her jewellery case, not a big deal.

And if your best friend fucked her Watcher every night after patrol, you were allowed to join them.

Yes, friendship was a wonderful thing, Willow concluded with a happy smile.




Fred knows she should knock, she was told that it was impolite not to, but there was no door in her cave, and she's still forgetting about it sometimes...

The papers she held are all over the floor, and she doesn't care, immersed in the amazing sight before her.

It's like this fantasy with her physics and math professors, only it's not a fantasy, and it's not the classroom but Wesley's office, and the man she doesn't know is much more handsome than her physics professor ever was, what with those dreamy emerald eyes and a really impressive...

They notice her and they both begin to stutter and she thinks how adorable it is, and how the cuteness factor is all forgotten when her gaze goes down, and she can only gasp.

"Sorry, I should knock, of course, silly me" she laughs nervously. "Don't you, like..." she indicates. "Need a help with that, maybe?" she asks, her smile hopeful, and then radiant when the stranger smiles back, and moves forward, surprisingly confident despite his attire.

"But of course, dear," he says and she blushes finally, his voice making her shiver.

"Rupert, this is Fred," Wes smirks. "I can see you're going to get on well."

"*We* are going to get on well," Giles smiles, and Fred nods eagerly, reality being better than her fantasies... and much more smutty than those silly dreams of a charming prince on a horse... two princes on the desk are much better after all...




She looked at him, her head cocked left, her eyes estimating.


Inner strenght, the air of confidence and courage... outside that she found pleasing because of Fred Burkle's standards of male attractiveness she still hold inside.

He didn't seem to be put off by her attention, as many would. No, if anything, he seemed as much interested in her, his green eyes with the strangest patch of brown boring into her... she found that pleasing, such warmth being a new sensation.

Yes, Rupert Giles was really interesting... as a lower being could, of course.

"I wish to have an intercourse with him."

"Uhm, Blue? You still mean it as a conversation, don't you?" Spike asked suspiciously.

"I do not."



More to come...

Tags: ats, btvs, fanfiction

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