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1. Stumbling towards graduation:

Subjects signed off: 2/8
Final exams: 0/5
Final projects finished: 1/4
Thesis status: Final version handed in. Waiting for the opinion.
Days left till the Zero Hour: 24
Teaching Practice: finished forever, squee.


This is, quite probably, my favourite part of the books. Changes didn't bother me all that much, surprisingly, and for once, I loved all the characters.

Especially Susan. Who was, and always will be, my favourite. And I did like the kiss. Fine, maybe too much, yes, but it was sweet enough, and bitter enough, as she walks out of Narnia, for the last time, this was fitting.

And gods, are the boys, all of them, LOVE. Especially Edmund, whom somehow, I liked less in the books than here, but my, brilliancy.


One thing that strikes me, all over again, is how much this show enjoys slow reveal of characters, and stripping the characterisation, layer by layer, showing more and more.

I mean, with 'Blink' we get the kind of intimacy with Mac, the knowledge of his inner demons, that we didn't get with Grissom and Horatio for seasons and seasons. We learn so much so soon, and it's uncomfortable a little, but then, the doors to his psyche close shut, and we get only hints, bits and pieces, his continuing insomnia, his workaholism, his distance...

But then, we start learning again, about Mac and about others. And what we learn isn't always pretty, and isn't always presenting their good sides. And I love all of them for their flaws even more.


Apparently, there will be an episode which Mac spends on a plane that had became a crime scene.

And considering my affinity for CSI techs taken out of their element and having to work outside of the lab (Trapped, Hostage, etc)?

I might be flailing. A lot.
Tags: csi:ny, random insanity, stumbling towards graduation

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